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Providing, installing, configuring and supporting a wide mixture of hardware and software solutions…..

Companies rely on their IT systems. From day to day planning and organization, communications, accountancy tasks – how many actions do you perform which do not involve your PC?
Because IT is such an important component of the modern day business it is important that the base is solid, honest and also pliable. It will in all likelihood also be one of the biggest investments your company will make so it is important that the correct result is implemented successfully first time.

The key to implementing the right solution is designing. Whether you are looking to bring out a new PC to your network or upgrade your entire infrastructure Intelloworld will manage your project to assure that your objectives are accomplished.
By establishing relationships with our customers, we can realize their business requirements, allowing us to plan, design, implement and support solutions which will bring your commercial enterprise into the hereafter.



Intelloworld supply a broad scope of hardware products. As well as supplying branded components and systems we also develop our own scope of high quality PC and Server solutions, tailored to client demands.
From office workstations, through high end multi-media PC’s to business critical servers, our arrangements are exclusively produced using branded, character parts, supplied with warranty. To compliment these systems we can supply monitors, printing machines and other peripherals.
Upgrades can also be readily adapted.


As well as supplying the perfect scope of Microsoft operating system and desktop application software, Intelloworld can also provide a full scope of utility software such as backup solutions, antivirus and security suites and specialist software such as accountancy and database packages. We are partnering with a number of software vendors such as Adobe, Symantec, McAfee and Microsoft which allows us access to a broad range of tools and reinforcement materials to insure your arrangements are carried out rapidly and efficiently.
All of our software comes from official distributors ensuring that all licenses are genuine.

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